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A Special, Sparkly Saratoga Wedding for Katie O’ and Nate!

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Published: March 30th, 2014

Just sitting down to write this brings back so many feelings and emotions from Katie and Nate’s Saratoga wedding. And, let me say, I was feeling ALL the feelings for their wedding. Maybe it’s because Katie and Nate are good friends of ours, or maybe it’s because they’re so very much in love, or maybe it’s that I’m just so darn happy for them–I think it was a combination of everything! I definitely cried more the week of their wedding more than I did when I got married!

I LOVED seeing Katie’s reaction to her flowers! She was very excited (which made me very happy–and, yes, I almost started crying) and the energy was so positive! And it was that way all day.


When Katie and Nate told me they were having their wedding at the Hall of Springs, I knew that the flowers and decor would have to match the scale of the space. Katie had a very demure palette in mind that would complement the overall “sparkle” that would be woven throughout the wedding. As a designer, I like to see the other elements of the wedding that are at play so that the flowers enhance, but not overwhelm or compete. In the case of Katie and Nate, being able to see their amazing invitations and related paper items helped me create a color scheme for their day.

I presented Katie and Nate with a soft, warm, and subtle assortment of colors–ivory, white, light pink, blush, some pale peach tones, and hints of yellows and greens. These colors dominated the personal flowers and the larger arrangements for their wedding. Note, Katie’s bouquet was wrapped in sparkle…I mean, we had to! She’s the most sparkly lady we know!



How amazing did Katie and her ladies look with their bouquets?!



Interspersed throughout the table decor were small vases of white tulips and roses in mercury glass vases–fit for, well, the former Albany Tulip Queen! I also really love these awesome new chairs that we have available for our clients!


And the head table had all of these elements combined, with the added height of the row of candles.


The whole room had an amazing glow…as if we were all living in this globe of sparkle for a few hours! PS–these amazing balloons were done by Party With Mia!


Last, but not least, the ladies of Fleurtacious paused for a photo in the Elario Photobooth!


As I’ve said before, we were so honored that a fellow wedding professional chose Fleurtacious Designs to be part of their wedding day; it’s truly the highest honor. We wish Katie and Nate nothing but the best–congratulations again from your friends at Fleurtacious Designs!


Kris Ann

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Preparing for a Sparkly (and Very Special) Wedding!

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Published: March 13th, 2014

You may have already heard, but there’s a very sparkly wedding happening this week in the Capital Region! Ms. Katie O’Malley of Katie O’ Weddings and Events is getting married this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited about it! And while we’re always excited for our clients here at Fleurtacious Designs, there’s a certain amount of extra pressure when it comes to working on an event for a colleague. I know we felt that way when we worked on DJ Vinny Vin’s wedding back in October!

When you’re in the wedding industry and you see so many weddings you naturally develop opinions about what you like and what you don’t. For instance, when Joe and I got married four years ago, we knew almost exactly what we wanted for our own wedding. So when Katie and Nate came to Fleurtacious and asked us to design for their wedding we were beyond honored.

And, again, just a little pressure–I mean, we’re designing for a wedding planner! Wedding planners work with EVERYONE! They recommend vendors to clients…and Katie O’ picked Fleurtacious Designs. Thank you for trusting us with such an important day.

It’s been really awesome working with Katie and Nate over the past few months–we’ve had a lot of fun and many laughs distilling their ideas for the big day. And when you’re planning a March wedding, you really have no idea what Mother Nature will send you; two years ago it was in the mid-60s and this year the snow doesn’t seem to stop. But whatever the weather outside, it will definitely feel like Spring inside!

While I can’t give away many details, I will say that their wedding will be elegant and sparkle-filled. Katie and Nate gave me the O.K. to share a few snippets for our blog, but we don’t want to give anything away!


Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Maloney–we hope that you have the best day ever tomorrow and enjoy every minute! We’ll be there to make sure you do!


Kris Ann

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We Are Open in Latham…and 75% off in North Greenbush (for a few more days)!

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Published: February 25th, 2014


We are officially open at our new location:

492 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham, NY

Stop by and check out the new shop and say hello!


We will be keeping limited hours at our original North Greenbush location this week to try to further reduce our inventory.

We will be in North Greenbush on:


Thursday, February 27th from 2pm to 6pm


Saturday, March 1st from 12pm to 3pm


If you’re looking to pick up some amazing decor (for any season) everything is 75% OFF at our North Greenbush location ONLY and for a limited time!


Questions? Give us a call at: 518.283.7262

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Caring for your Floral Arrangement 101

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Published: February 11th, 2014

In case you’ve been totally engrossed with the winter Olympics or you’re just hibernating till March 21st, this week is Valentine’s Day. That’s right, V-Day is Friday! We’re working really hard to take orders and prep for the big day, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share some helpful tips to keep your floral arrangement looking great well after Valentine’s Day!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.59.35 AM

First and foremost, check to make sure your arrangement has enough water! Sometimes during the delivery from our shop to your door a vase can lose water (here at Fleurtacious we try and keep water with us in the delivery truck cause we’re pros like that). If your arrangement doesn’t come in a vase, lift it up to see if the arrangement is heavy or light. If it’s on the light side, you should probably give it a drink.

Once your arrangement is home you can place it anywhere you like, but don’t place it in direct sunlight. Unlike a potted plant, your arrangement does not need sunlight to grow. In fact, excessive heat will likely stress the flowers in your arrangement and may cause them to wilt prematurely. Most cut flowers will last longer in cooler conditions.

For arrangements in vases, it’s a good idea to change the water in the vase every few days and check the ends of the stems, too. If the stem ends are mushy you can re-cut the stems at an angle where the stem is firm (usually 1-2 inches from the bottom). Also, remember to remove any stem leaves that are dead / dying or any that will be submerged in water.


Last, keep your arrangement away from fruit! Weird, but true! Flowers are sensitive to ethylene, a natural ripening gas that is produced by fresh fruit. So choose your arrangement or your fruit basket, but not both for the dining room table!

Hope you found this post helpful! And if you’re looking to order an arrangement for your Valentine, don’t hesitate to call us at 518.283.7262! We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kris Ann

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